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Updated: Jan 31

Traditional Townhouse- 3 story- 2 bedrooms- 1 bathroom & Open Livingroom-Kitchen - Attic -Storage Level

This property is located in the province of Lucca, in Saltocchio.

The independent house offers pretty easy maintenance, with a 3 story layout.

In the ground floor you will find an open living space with the kitchen, storage, on the second level you will find the living room, one bedroom and a terrace, following the upper floors you will find a studio area perfect as a bedroom and the attic level, all for about 129 smq .

Property is 4 min walking distance to the Train Station and 19 minutes to the city center of beautiful Lucca

This property is located  40 minutes drive to Pisa International Airport

Min Offer: 68.250 €

Market Value: 120.000 €

Auction Date: Contact us for info

Discount: 43% Discount