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Angela & Nick 
Maryland, USA

"I think any expat or foreigner feels immense fear and trepidation about the process of buying a home in Italy, but it is certainly a dream of a lifetime for many. The hurdles seem endless to achieve your own "La Dolce Vita." It was in finding Living Italy and working with Julie and her team that we not only feel it was achievable for us, but in a timeframe much sooner than we anticipated.

From the moment we met with Julie, it has been an exciting journey that we have felt completed supported and taken care of along every step.

Living Italy's transparency in the properties we looked at, their costs, and processes speaks for itself.

Every property we considered, the team did their due diligence and steered us clear of properties that had hidden pitfalls and costs or just weren't going to "check our boxes."

When we finally found "our property," Julie ensured it met everything within our means and budget. We knew it was "the one." To us, to be able to own a property in Italy was a dream we always had, but one we didn't know if we would ever be able to achieve, or if it was, it would be closer to when we retire. With Living Italy, our dream is coming true now! The personal touch and attention Julie provides is outstanding. We actually consider her more of a friend that someone we are working with to buy a home.


There are not enough positive words and "thank you's" for us to say about and to Living Italy for what they have helped us in this home buying process."

Lisa & Greg 
Texas, USA

"Julie and Nico have been so helpful through the entire process of purchasing an auction property in Italy. They went out and toured properties for us, videotaping the entire experience so we could see in real time.

In addition, for us being in Texas, we needed assistance with so many parts of the process from setting up bank accounts, finding and attorney to bid on the property, and even now, helping us find a good contractor to do some construction on the property.

It's scary to put so much faith into people across the world who you have never met, but now after spending so much time with Julie and Nico, we have highly recommended them to everyone we know. They are prompt to respond to questions and an incredible work ethic.

We just think the world of them and the entire Living Italy team..."

Patrizia & CJ
Tuscany, Italy

"For us, it was important that Living Italy staff was bilingual...they spoke Italian and English.  Additionally, we like that Living Italy is a full service entity that is by your side at every step of the property purchasing journey; from finding the listings, to gathering documents and arranging visits, all the way to the actual auction itself, and getting keys in hand. We are very satisfied and would recommend the service  they provide."

Puglia, Italy

"Being someone who is extremely time poor, I especially Loved the hands on approach I received from Living Italy Team.

They were always available to answer my questions and really went over and above to ensure that I knew the entire process and really walked me through it.

Absolutely recommend 100%."

Miguel H.
Barcelona, Spain

"Enjoying so much the personal approach of Living Italy and our meetings with Nico & Julie. Having an expert  team  based in Italy that can speak Spanish is definitely priceless, truly a big plus as we don't speak Italian, they are always available with the best advise.

Absolutely enjoying the road towards achieving our family  dream of  having our Tuscan home "

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