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Updated: Oct 17, 2022

This property is located in Asciano located at the centre of the Crete senesi between the river Ombrone and the torrent Copra, in the heart of Tuscany!

The whole property consists of a manor house on two levels of about 400 sqm with 3 apartments, surrounded by the stunning Tuscan hills large garden and forest land portion, for about 3.126 sqm, including your own olive grove with beautiful and peaceful landscape, distant only 9 Kilometres from the center of the town.

This stone house farmhouse has the most beautiful entryway between cypress and olives road leading you to the property, it also offers plenty of space perfect for entertaining family and friends gatherings.

Loads of connections from the airport of Pisa and Perugia International Airports, the closest one located 60 minutes away.

Min Offer: 124.000 €

Market Value: 495.000 €

Auction Date: Contact us for more info

Discounted : 75 % Discount

Ref # 416

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